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Jul 3, 2019

Basil may never live up the biblical brain juice of our guest co-host for this episode; Dr. Michael S. Heiser joins us! In this episode, robots that can taste food, cyborg plants, bankers panic as AI and robots take over finance, and student surveillance is irresponsible. Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay...

Jun 26, 2019

As Basil continues to traverse on a distant timeline from our own, Gonz is joined by guest co-host Mel from Truthstream Media. They discuss Jeff Bezos’ new video of using his robot arms, a quick update on the scam that is the LIBRA project, and a Bloomberg article on how robots are decoding the cryptic language of...

Jun 19, 2019

Basil is still traversing time and space, so Gonz is joined by Sean from SGT Report to discuss coach spies, US in the world of gaming, the new global coin project from Facebook’s Libra project, and Zuckerberg’s Deep Fake. Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay tuned, as we will soon announce the date of...

Jun 12, 2019

In this episode, Gonz is joined in the absence of Basil Rosewater, with a pair of co-hosts, Chuck and Omar of FireTheftRadio. They discuss affordable flippy arms, Russian CRISPR guy, and biometrics at work from down under. We had to push the Nephilim Update into the Extended Report, which you can access on our