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Jan 30, 2019

This week on Canary Cry News Talk, Flippy cameo at Davos, Velociraptor robots get FIRED, the Superbowl is one giant surveillance project, Elon inspired by minor chords, and cybersecurity leader flexes their muscles. Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay tuned, as we will soon announce the date of our first live stream! And we know it’s not the best platform right now, but join us on Patreon to get MORE!


AGG for the WEEK of Jan 22-29


DARPA Wants to Turn Insect Brains into Robot Brains

Researchers Repurposed CRISPR to Help Develop Better Antibiotics

New Robot Dogs Can Deliver Your Lunch Right to Your Desk

Oregon Considers Mandating Universal Newborn Home Visits

Robots Welcome Customers, Serve Slices At New Big Bang Pizza | Brookhaven, GA Patch

Hellishly Hard New Game Is Specifically Designed to Confound AI

Amazon Is Rolling Out a 'Robotic Tech Vest' to Keep Workers From Getting Hit by Robots

This Soft Robot Mimics Plant Tendrils To Creep and Climb

Do You Take This Robot … - The New York Times

Tiny Medical Micro-Robots Shapeshift to Navigate Through Your Insides | Digital Trends

Japan's Crazy Robot Hotel has Fired Half its Robot Staff | Digital Trends

Scientists teach a robot dog to get back up after they kick it down - CNET

President Trump has signed a $1.2 billon law to boost US quantum tech

Ancient civilizations' fascination with AI, robots, and synthetic life / Boing Boing

Japanese Person Develops USB That Uses A Small Fish Brain As Storage! | JapanSauce.Net



DNAaaahahaha: Twins' 23andMe, Ancestry, etc genetic tests vary wildly, surprising no one • The Register

Let's Make Tomatoes Spicy With Genetic Engineering, Scientists Proclaim

As Genetic Testing Blossoms, Companies Search for a Killer App - Bloomberg

deCODE publishes the first full-resolution genetic map of the human genome

Researchers first to use CRISPR/Cas9 to control genetic inheritance in mice

Genetic study provides novel insights into the evolution of skin color

Turn your head, cough, submit your DNA: Your next physical may include genetic testing. - Chicago Tribune

Transhumanist technology will free women from reproductive stress — Quartz

California Scientists Developing Cow-Free Dairy Milk From GMO Yeast and 3D Printed Milk Proteins |



Elon Musk says ominous music, 'Rick and Morty' will keep Teslas safe


YouTube Stops Recommending Conspiracy Videos, Finally

Bebe Rexha Denies Being in the Illuminati, Says People Who Believe in Cult Are 'Dumb'

Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out | Technology | The Guardian

Salvator Mundi: conspiracy theory links world’s priciest painting to Trump - Vox


Astronomers say it’s time to take the search for aliens seriously | Science News

Mysterious fast radio bursts from deep space ‘could be aliens’ | Science | The Guardian

UFO sighting: ‘Alien spaceship’ seen landing in Doncaster garden



Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL | WIRED

Social media urged to take 'moment to reflect' after girl's death | Media | The Guardian

Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them | TechCrunch



10 Insights on Gamers' Political Views (According to Facebook Data) - Space Commune