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Dec 24, 2019

170 CCNT “CHIP IN, CHIP OUT & GET CHIPPED!” - 12.24.2019 

Merry Christmas Eve of celebrating Jesus’ birth on the wrong day! We bring you episode 170! This week, make sure to become a member at CanaryCry.Community because Facebook just had a massive data breach; Flippy Update with Canadian robot arm in...

Dec 19, 2019

169 CCNT “Flip the Beast 999 & GOP Cyborg” - 12.18.2019 

On this 169th episode of CCNT, we start off with a shout out to the newly formed CanaryCry.Community! Join like minded believers from the Canary Cry Universe somewhere other than Facebag! A Flippy Update about school kids and their brain monitors, the...

Dec 12, 2019

168 CCNT “Chimera Man & CERNing While Intoxicated” - 12.11.2019 

Episode 168 will be remembered as the one where we got bamboozled into reporting “fake news!” But first, a Flippy Update on mini robots that brush your teeth, a chimera man carrying another man’s DNA, giant Nephilim Penguins, and finally, the

Dec 5, 2019

167 CCNT “CRIBS: Jesus Edition & Combat Cyborgs Confirmed!” - 12.04.2019 

On this 167th episode of Canary Cry News Talk, we correct ourselves about Meade and Sanger, a new meme jingle, Flippy receives “self image,” beast fashion is terrifying, the US Army confirms that there will be cyborg supersoldiers by or...