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Aug 16, 2018

This week on Canary Cry NewsTalk, the creepiest robot, and an old but important story about your DNA. Plus, even more updates about the Flippy Family Tree, and they listened to Gonz’ request! If you want MORE, Become a Patron, join the exclusive community, and receive Extended Reports of CCNT every week!


AGG for the WEEK OF Aug 8- Aug 14


Screens are killing your eyeballs, and now we know how | Popular Science

The Meg's giant shark is an AI-powered marvel

DeepMind’s AI can detect over 50 eye diseases as accurately as a doctor - The Verge

Cancer Has a New Enemy: A.I.

Organisers Of 'NIPS' AI Conference Ask Whether They Should Change Name

Cross-Pollinating Technologies Is the Way of the Future

Artificial intelligence researchers confront the potential negative impacts of their research - Axios

AI is proving fibromyalgia is a real disease — Quartz

Why We Should Never Expect to Discover Sentient Ice Cubes - The New York Times


FLIPPY’S FAM! (The gang’s all here!)

Robolab Launches ICO to Fund Project Yanu, an AI-powered Robot to Replace Bartenders

Your vegetables are going to be picked by robots sooner than you think | TechCrunch

This robot will make you a burger for just $6

Bay Area companies lead robots' push into restaurant, service industries - San Francisco Business Times

Pizza Hut's New Slice-Serving Robot Waiter Can't Be Topped | Digital Trends

Robot-staffed frozen yogurt machines coming to Cincinnati

Bizarre dishes-scrubbing robot looks like an Alien facehugger - CNET



22-year-old crypto millionaire scammed out of 5,500 bitcoins



A Where's Waldo-Finding Robot Is Here to Steal Your Toddler's Only Job

Learning to Work With Robots – Foreign Policy

Robot that ties shoes / Boing Boing

The new Anki Vector robot is smart enough to just hang out - The Verge

The Robot Invasion Of Las Vegas Might Be Horrifying -- Or No Big Deal

Electronic robot skin out-senses the real thing

Everything You Need To Know About Sophia's Robot Love

Ibuki is the 10-year-old robot child that will haunt your dreams | TechCrunch

BIG CLAPPER Japanese Clapping Robot » Gadget Flow

This robot maintains tender, unnerving eye contact | TechCrunch

I'm pretty sure this DIY karaoke robot wants to devour my soul

This $600 Shoe-Tying Robot is Proof That the Future is Already Here | Digital Trends

Video: UkuRobot, the ukulele-playing robot, can play all of your favourite tunes



We Are Merging With Robots. That’s a Good Thing. - The New York Times

Scientists Just Successfully Reversed Ageing in Lab Grown Human Cells

Unexpected outcomes sound warning for treatment of genetic diseases using gene editing in embryos

Illumina: Lower Sequencing Costs Are Unleashing A Genetics Mega-Trend

Team that claimed to have fixed gene mutation in human embryo offers new evidence; others still not convinced

Carl Zimmer: ‘We shouldn’t look to our genes for a quick way to make life better’ | Science | The Guardian

Effort to Diversify Medical Research Raises Thorny Questions of Race - Scientific American

The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life - The New York Times

Gene-editing startups ignite the next 'Frankenfood' fight | Reuters

Godfather of GMOs Wants Consumers to Be Less Afraid of His Food - Bloomberg



Online genealogy has created an unregulated forensic database for police - Science News - ABC News

DNA ancestry tests may look cheap. But your data is the price | Adam Rutherford | Opinion | The Guardian



Facebook Has Removed Alex Jones And Infowars Pages From Its Platform

Twitter suspends conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week

Voodoo Doughnut: New Pizzagate-like Conspiracy Theory Spreads Online

The Strange Conspiracy Theory Behind Jaden Smith's New Album - Noisey

How Donald Trump drained the fun out of conspiracy theories

Twitter admits InfoWars violated its rules, but says it will remain on the platform

The Man Arrested For Allegedly Starting A Massive Wildfire Pushed Rightwing Conspiracy Theories

MH370 Conspiracy Theories: Stowaway Hijacked Missing Plane, Aviation Expert Claims

Does Trump Weaponize Conspiracy Theories? | HuffPost

Conspiracy theorists spot a bizarre circular shape in the Gobi desert from Google Maps | Daily Mail Online

Conspiracy theories are more rampant than ever. Can they be stopped? | US news | The Guardian

Almost 10,000 Diagnosed With Cancer Caused By 9/11 - Media Blackout



The dark conspiracy theory that helped create QAnon – ThinkProgress

Who are QAnon supporters? The QAnon subreddit, analyzed with data. - Vox

Bill Maher Mocks QAnon, Trump Supporters, Says He is ‘Q’ in ‘Real Time’ Segment


Astronaut claims he witnessed an 'organic, alien-like' creature but NASA is denying it | Fox News

9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven't Found Aliens Yet

Area 51 is real, and they are hiring!

Finding Meaning in a Galaxy Without Aliens - The Atlantic

Vast swathes of the universe that are full of stars are the LEAST likely places for alien life | Daily Mail Online

Mysterious 'Alien' Radio Signal: Here's What You Need to Know

UFO sighting: HUGE alien space ship spotted above Philippines | News |

Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory | Quanta Magazine

Is Humanity About To Accidentally Declare Interstellar War On Alien Civilizations?

Alien hunter claims he has found ET spaceship under Bermuda Triangle |

Ohio candidate Joe Manchik, who claims he comes from aliens, got hundreds of votes

ALIENS blamed for MUTILATING cows in Argentina |

Man says he was abducted by UFO before aliens drugged and examined him | Metro News

Atlantis, Aliens, and Time Warps: The Enduring Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - Motherboard



Google tracks users who turn off location history - BBC News

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google face India ecommerce crackdown - Business Insider

Google Assistant is smarter than Siri, Alexa and Cortana, new study finds | Deseret News

How to give your Google account to a trusted person when you die - Business Insider

Tech giants still stumbling in the social world they created



North Korea news: Scientists attempt to clone humans | Daily Star

From laboratory in far west, China's surveillance state spreads quietly | Reuters

China Banning Baptisms, Forcing Removal of 'Last Supper' Art in Ongoing Crackdown on Churches



Members of Tesla's board of directors are lawyering up as crisis around Elon Musk deepens

Elon Musk is a 'Train Wreck' as a Public Company CEO | ETF Trends

Grimes Is Taking Elon Musk To Burning Man | Music News | Consequence of Sound

Elon Musk Responds to Azealia Banks' Claims of Ghosting, Tweeting, and LSD: I Don't Know Her

Elon Musk’s mystery Tesla buyout funder is Saudi Arabia – Ars Technica

Tesla sinks after Elon Musk offers details about his 'funding secured' tweet (TSLA)

Look out Apple! Amazon may soon be worth $1 trillion too

Facebook denies Campbell Brown said Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care about publishers