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Jan 9, 2020

171 CCNT “NEON Beast & Thank Your Lucky Starlink!” - 01.08.2020

On this first episode of the new decade, Gonz refuses face tattoos, but more importantly, we have a Roomba update, CRISPR Doctor AND pastors going to prison in Chinese News, NEON looks like the image of the beast tech, and the Starlink launch report, where Elon has a dance party.


Lyrics to the rap

Welcome Canarians, kick off your shoes.

We gather together to talk about news.

Nephilim, flippy, horsemen and God,

There’s all sorts of topics you might find odd.

You never do know what we’re going to say,

That’s Basil, I’m Gonz to drop takes

Disturbing new that fill you with rage,

but just take a deep breath and think outside the cage.

Written by STEVEN!

Modified by Gonz-cloud 

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