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Sep 12, 2018

NASA might start looking more like NASCAR, Snopes verifies Smart Dust, the new Google AI Chief resurrects Project Maven, and Facebook AI can now read memes. If you desire MORE Become a Patron, join the exclusive community, and receive Extended Reports of CCNT every week!


AGG for the WEEK of Sept. 7-Sept. 11

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS! (Updates on stories)

The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan in New Zealand

Young blood could be the secret to long-lasting health: study

Drinking young people’s blood could be the secret to long-lasting health, scientists claim

Pet Clones: On the Threshold of Cloning Humans?

Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning | Vanity Fair



(54) Sophia Robot Meditation with Deepak Chopra - YouTube

Loving Sophia: Hanson Robotics is teaching robots how to connect to humans — Quartz

Finding Your Zen with Sophia - Hanson Robotics



Amazon granted patent for workers in robot cages | Fox News

Artsy robot reproduces images by winding thread

This Hyper-Real Robot Will Cry and Bleed on Med Students | WIRED

Try not to be freaked out by this robot's eerily human expressions

AI robots can develop prejudices, just like us mere mortals

BrambleBee Robot Promises to Help Honeybees Pollinate Flowers | Digital Trends

AI detects ‘mysterious repeating’ signals from ‘alien galaxy’ 3 billion light years away — RT US News

Tommy Hilfiger embeds smart chips in new fashion line | Fox Business

Shape-shifting material can morph, reverse itself using heat, light

AI program detects dozens of ‘alien’ signals from far off galaxy

Forget Terrorism, Climate Change and Pandemics: Artificial Intelligence is The Biggest Threat to Humanity

If Artificial Intelligence Only Benefits a Select Few, Everyone Loses

Four questions Silicon Valley should expect from Capitol Hill - MIT Technology Review



George Church’s genetics on the blockchain startup just raised $4.3 million from Khosla | TechCrunch

Cryptocurrencies Flash Crash; Bitcoin, Ethereum Plummet | Zero Hedge



Hark! The welcome return of Robbie Williams: alien conspiracy theorist

Four UFOs are spotted flying over US president's Scottish golf course | Daily Mail Online

UFO invasion: The truth is out there in Charlotte, North Carolina



Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceship launches a double entendre – GeekWire

Gene Munster: Tesla must overhaul board right now

SpaceX's Shotwell reportedly says Musk 'lucid and capable' as ever

Elon Musk says humanity is trapped in real life MATRIX – and here’s why | Science | News |



It's Official, The Transhuman Era Has Begun

Appeals Court Upholds CRISPR Patent, Potentially Ending Bitter Dispute

CRISPR safety calls for cautious approach - The Washington Post

Nestle Wants Your DNA to Sell You Supplements - Bloomberg

Genetic-testing technology is progressing rapidly. The rules need to keep up. - The Washington Post

Cracking the sugar code: Why the “glycome” is the next big thing in health and medicine |

Genes are key to academic success, study shows

Early results boost hopes for historic gene editing attempt

23andMe Data Suggests Genetic Link Between Cannabis Use and Schizophrenia

23andMe Cuts Off the DNA App Ecosystem It Created | WIRED

First genetically modified mosquitoes set to be released in Africa

Are Consumers Ready For Genetically Engineered Animals? Depends How You Ask

Genetic studies intend to help people with autism, not wipe them out | New Scientist

Brain Cancer's 'Immortality Switch' Turned Off with CRISPR

Genetic science is attempting to predict our fates. GWAS, explained. - Vox

The Ancient Genetic Component That Connects All of Humanity to a Single Ancestor



Researchers 'teleport' a quantum gate

Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

Red Heifer Birth, Paves Way For Renewed Temple Service

The Last of the Universe’s Ordinary Matter Has Been Found | Quanta Magazine



Roger Waters: Propaganda Is Keeping Voters Asleep Like Orwellian Sheep | Neon Nettle

“People’s Heads Are Blowing Up”: As Fox News Installs a Meditation Room, Staffers Worry the Conservative Network Is Going Full Woke | Vanity Fair

This Is an Actual Thing: Hillary Clinton to Appear at 'Lesbians Who Tech' Convention This Coming Week

Russia 'tried to spy on France in space' - French minister - BBC News

Over a dozen men who were near Ground Zero after 9/11 have breast cancer |

Japan to “drop tanks” full of Fukushima nuclear waste directly into the ocean

A Trail of ‘Bread Crumbs,’ Leading Conspiracy Theorists Into the Wilderness - The New York Times

'Remodelling the lizard people's lair': Denver airport trolls conspiracy theorists | US news | The Guardian

JPMorgan says next crisis will feature flash crashes and social unrest

New Biometric Exit Boarding System Technology Unveiled at Washington Dulles International Airport

JFK's Quarantined Airplane: Why Were People Sick? - The Atlantic

A Trail of ‘Bread Crumbs,’ Leading Conspiracy Theorists Into the Wilde

Three Hours Up Close With Alex Jones of Infowars - The New York Times


Spiritual-warfare expert: ‘Demonic component’ to divided U.S.

How to Recognize Demonic Activity in the Church Scandals, According to an Exorcist

Leading U.S. Exorcist Says Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal is Demonic and Likely to Get Worse Before it Gets Better



Popular Mac App Adware Doctor Actually Acts Like Spyware | WIRED

Google's leftist gaggle: 90 percent of employee donations go to fund Democrats - Washington Times

Twitter admits ‘unfairly filtering 600,000 accounts,’ but says it’s not politically motivated - National |

Facebook definition of terrorism helps states mute dissent: U.N. expert | Reuters

Facebook’s ‘Rosetta’ system helps the company understand memes | TechCrunch

Google Cloud names Andrew Moore its new head of AI | VentureBeat


Chinese officials burn bibles, close churches, force Christian to denounce faith amid 'escalating' crackdown

China Will Begin Using Genetic Testing to Select Olympic Athletes


Former basketball pro has incredibly unique combination of genetic variants that affect height, researchers find