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Apr 25, 2017

Free money for Canadians, carpooling corruption, and your best friend Watson is now the financial police. 

Basic Income Canada

Lyft/Uber HELL tracking program

Apr 18, 2017

Alex Jones is an actor, Transhumanists get put in their place by a Christian, and deadly live streams on Facebook. We are definitely in the chaos part of "Order out of Chaos."


AJ lawyer says he is “playing a character”

Apr 12, 2017

Transhumanists picket Google demanding the end of death, and Spicer accidentally tells truth about Syria, of which is in complete chaos. 


Apr 4, 2017

If you're tired of carrying around your cell phones, GOOD NEWS! You no longer need it because we can implant a computer right into your brain! So throw away your cell phones and computers. TAKE THE OATH!


ISP Trouble