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Oct 31, 2018

Many updates today from the Flippy race expanding into pizza and mail delivery, Bezos loses 20 billion in 2 days, a woman marries a ghost and wants babies, Sophia receives the first robot Visa card, and “conspiracy theory” is applied poorly by the mainstream. Join us on Patreon to get MORE!


AGG for the WEEK of Oct. 23 - Oct. 31


YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS! (Updates on stories)

Woman claiming to have sex with 20 ghosts is engaged to a spirit | WOAI

SEMA show: Pizza Hut to unveil pie-making robot at Las Vegas auto show

AI Humanoid 'Sophia' Is Granted First Ever Robot Visa, Speaks With President

Bitcoin price: A history of the cryptocurrency on its 10 year anniversary - Business Insider

Digital immortality: How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever - MIT Technology Review



The First Novel Written by AI Is Here—and It's as Weird as You'd Expect It to Be

God’s Greater Glory in AI, robotics, nanotechnology

The Most Realistic Robots Represented in Movies? Probably the Killer Ones | Inverse

‘Would robot sex count as infidelity? Technically no…’ | Technology | The Guardian

Researchers in China develop 'shape-shifting' robot inspired by the TERMINATOR | Daily Mail Online

The world’s creepiest robot - Axios

The Robot Revolution Is Coming, and Dang Is It Cute - WSJ

Fed Scours Data for Signs of a Robot Takeover - Bloomberg

$150,000 Hoverbike Now Available for Preorders -

The world's first humanless warehouse is run only by robots

How NASA Will Use Robots to Create Rocket Fuel From Martian Soil - IEEE Spectrum

In Norway, a Robot Will Soon be Delivering People's Mail | Digital Trends



Genetics research is overwhelmingly white, and holding back precision medicine - Vox



Jeff Bezos Just Set the Record for the Amount of Money a Person Has LOST in Two Days

“He never paid us a cent”—man suing Tesla has his own lawsuit-filled past | Ars Technica


Justin Bieber Is 'Not A Secret Lizard Person,' Says Manager Scooter Braun | HuffPost

High-profile conservatives are continuing to share mail bomb conspiracy theories, even after Cesar Sayoc’s arrest | The Independent

The conspiracy theory that led to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, explained - Vox

Fox has a conspiracy theory problem (opinion) - CNN

Conspiracy Theories Drove the Pittsburgh Gunman to Murder - The Atlantic



RIP, Kepler: NASA's Revolutionary Planet-Hunting Telescope Runs Out of Fuel

Telescope Drama Could Thwart the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

Decoding images from the Golden Record - The Verge

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Sci-fi alien invasions reflect human nature — Quartzy

War of the Worlds: sci-fi that spawned fake news and a myth — Quartz